If You Could Change Something In Your Life Practically Overnight, What Would It Be?

You Are About To Find Out How To Powerfully Improve Any Area Of Your Life
Financial, Health & Fitness, Family And Relationships, Even Time Freedom - In The Next 12 WEEKS!

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Dear Friend,

Are You Ready to Crush Your Goals?

Because if you are, then you might be ready for the fastest goal achievement program ever created... the same program powering some of America's most highly recognized companies.

My name is Brian Moran, and for the past decade I have pioneered and honed a program that enables anyone to achieve more of your goals in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months.

If you have ever done a Google search for "REACHING GOALS," you know there's no shortage of ideas floating around on this subject - more than 600,000 the last time I did that search! And as a recognized expert in the field of leadership and execution, I have to smile. Most people don't struggle to find new ideas - there are millions of good ideas out there to be found. Instead, what most people struggle with is effectively implementing their ideas.

Now before I share any more, I think it's critical to mention that success requires a serious desire on your part.

So let me ask you: Is there something that you really want? I hope so, because that's what you'll need to take full advantage of The 12 Week Year ™ Challenge. You provide the desire - we'll provide everything else.

Secret 1: Your desire to see real improvement in some area of your personal or professional life is the key to your success.

A strong desire virtually guarantees your success with The 12 Week Year™ Challenge .

This is not another "feel-good" program.

It will challenge you. It will inspire you. It will encourage you. But most importantly, it will prompt you and guide you every step of the way to TAKE ACTION every day on what matters most to you.

Join the tens of thousands of people from around the world who are using the power of The 12 Week Year™ to achieve lasting breakthroughs in their family and work life!

What Kinds Of Breakthroughs, You Ask?

  • "The 12 Week Year™ produced staggering results - over 400% increase in income, all without working more hours." - Ann Laufman

  • "After applying Periodization and The 12 Week Year™ and losing 40 pounds, I'm in my best shape since college." - Chris Vertesch

  • "Brian literally revolutionized my approach. His program is unparalleled in the way it transforms simply with a profound shift in the fundamental focus and driver behind your goals and objectives." - Ted Rusinoff

  • "The clarity, knowledge and conviction that Brian brings to the table makes the concepts come alive in a way that inspires you to own them yourself. The end result is a much better understanding of how to implement great plans." - Steve Lover

  • "For 10 years, it has been THE planning and development system that helps our team take their personal and professional lives to the next level." - Angie Pope

  • "The 12 Week Year™ challenged me to envision a business and a life of significance, bigger than I ever thought possible. The results have been quick and dramatic." - Christian Von Allmen

  • "Not only did I increase my fitness, but I also coached my kids to multiple banners and a State Championship hockey season by applying Periodization." - Mitch Green

  • "Wanted to give you a quick update to my first 12 week period...over $90,000 in income (goal was $70k), finished 31 books (goal was 25), & averaged going to the gym 4 times per week! There may be something to this program after all." - Kevin Hitz

Around the world everyday, folks just like Ann, Chris, Ted, Steve, Angie, Christian, Mitch, and Kevin are making remarkable changes in their lives... Increasing their income. Getting healthier. Strengthening their personal & professional relationships - all by applying the power of The 12 Week Year™.

Perhaps your vision is simply to drop a few inches off your waistline, save for vacation, fix up the house, or do something special for the kids.

The unique and proven approach of The 12 Week Year™ Challenge will help you realize your dreams faster than you ever imagined - no matter how big (or small)!

We All Live With The Same Reality.

There are opportunities all around us - they're everywhere. Far too often opportunities for breakthrough get pushed aside because there just doesn't seem to be enough time, energy, or focus left over for them. And yet, we all know at least a few people seem to have found the "answer" - they live rich lives and they reach their important goals - what secret do they have that the rest of us don't know yet?

Have you ever made a New Year's resolution in January that didn't last past March (or the truth be told - maybe not even past January 2nd)? If that's true for you, then what you did in the past just isn't serving you well, and it's time to take a new approach.

Say 'YES' To Yourself.

Yes to your goals and Yes to your dreams for the future!

The Alternative To Saying "Yes" isn't pretty.

Doing things the same things the way, guarantees the same results, the same excuses, the same disappointments... Do you want more of the same, or is it time want MORE for yourself and your family?

GOOD NEWS! The 12 Week Year™ Challenge is now your secret weapon….

Like no other program out there, The 12 Week Year™ Challenge will unleash your inner potential and flip your high performance switch by refocusing you on your top priorities, redirecting your commitment, and leveraging the proven power of The 12 Week Year™.

The secret of The 12 Week Year™ Challenge is its unique perspective on time, combined with to a dynamic coaching program and the application of time-tested yet seldom used techniques that drive true high performance.

Secret 2: The way that you think about time determines when you will be successful!

Have you ever noticed how energy and activity seems to pick up at year-end? It's true for both individuals and for big companies. In fact, the top two months for getting results across most of the world are November and December!

The feeling at this time of year is contagious - we all seem to get caught up in it. This energy can be powerful - if you learn to master it - and you will - with the 12 Week Year™ Challenge!

What happens for most only in November and December will almost effortlessly happen for you throughout the year. Like to work hard, play hard? Imagine year-end celebrations every 12 weeks!

You will capture the same energy and activity that happens across the world at the end of each year, energy that drives the pursuit and achievement of your goals. And you will access that energy all year long - in 12 Week Year™ bursts!

Okay, so you need a strong desire and a different way to look at time. Is there something else?

YES! Research on what it takes to stick with your goals shows that you are nearly 70% more likely to stay on track when you work with a partner or coach. Sometimes we can feel like stopping when the going gets a little rocky. That's where a coach comes in - they support and prompt you to keep going. With a good coach it's almost impossible to fail!

Secret 3: It's Hard To Do This Alone... Get A Coach!

Imagine having the same Coach who helps America's best companies - companies like New York Life and Medtronic - helping YOU every day!

Imagine having someone coaching, guiding, encouraging, and motivating you every step of the way... For the next 12 weeks!

Imagine your coach keeping the focus on your highest priorities, and walking you through your weekly activities to insure you achieve exactly what you need to reach your most precious goals and deepest desires... Like paying for your child's college, or writing that letter or book you've been meaning to for a while now.

Imagine the excitement of a life with even the toughest promises kept and "impossible" goals achieved!

Because that's what I want to do for and with you, if you say yes.

I've coached the "Big Guys" - Allstate, Coldwell Banker, Mass Mutual, Medtronic, Papa John's, State Farm, and New York Life achieve breakthroughs and accomplish more, faster. Now I want to put the same secrets of true high performance in YOUR hands - to help you, your family or business.

There's a reason why my Best-Selling book, "The 12 Week Year", is held up and praised on stage at national conventions by Fortune 500 companies... it WORKS!

The fact is, there's no magic to it. The principles and disciplines of The 12 Week Year™ are common sense and, when applied, can change the lives of individuals as well as the performance of multi-billion dollar organizations.

Are You Ready to Achieve Your Goals Faster?

On day 1, you will receive your first lesson with a Top Performance Coach conveniently delivered right to you in the comfort of your own home. Every day thereafter for the next 12 weeks you'll get a laser focus on your Life and Work Visions, the energy and motivation necessary to sustain high performance, discipline to shed the activities which have been weighing you down while stressing you out, and the affirmation that you already have everything you need to be successful right at your fingertips.

It's a virtually guaranteed path to your personal and professional breakthrough. And if you apply each day's lesson faithfully over the course of 12 weeks, health, relationships, money, more time for whatever your dream is, will be YOURS.

Here's How…

The 12 Week Year™ Challenge Path to High Performance

By saying "YES" to yourself and yes to the Challenge, you automatically get the following:

A 12 Week Year™ Orientation Pack crammed full of all the information you'll need to start your Challenge "in the know" and set you on the path to lightning-speed success.

The 12 Week Year™ High Performance Action Plan designed to map out your goals and the actions necessary to hit them hard every day.

Daily Videos from your coach to assist, inspire, and motivate you each step of the way.

Periodic Live Coaching Calls with the Authors for sharing success stories and raising the energy level off the charts.

Exclusive Access to Achieve!. A powerful suite of online tools designed to help you reach your goals.

Official 12 Week Year™ Challenge Tracker so you can shock yourself with your speed of achievement. Once you see what you are capable of accomplishing, that knowledge is sure to propel you to even greater heights.

The Official 12 Week Year™ Challenge's "High Performer" Certificate - Proof to share with others of your personal and professional commitment to excellence.

Exclusive Access to the Official 12 Week Year™ Challenge's Community - a place where you can connect with others who have also demonstrated a desire to improve their execution and experience limitless breakthroughs! Share successes and brainstorm on challenges. Inspire, encourage, and master new paths to the level of execution necessary for high performance.

As If THAT Weren't Enough...

A copy of our Personal Leadership Pack - Your insurance the breakthroughs won't stop after 12 weeks. Use this to apply your success habits over and over and over again. This is so full of stuff to keep you on track that it alone is worth the price of this package - we sell it for $299 on our website.

An Exclusive VIP Webinar with the Authors - your opportunity to learn directly from the recognized execution experts. Ask your questions and go beyond the book.

A Signed Copy of the The 12 Week Year - keep for yourself or give as a gift.

A FREE Subscription to Brian's Weekly Success Tips for those who want to go even faster. Enjoy this in-demand weekly bonus.

Bonus Lesson: Performance Time teaches you how to interpret time to find your island of sanity in a 24/7 society.

Special Report: The 7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Perform at Your Best to make sure you aren't falling into that same trap.

My goal is to positively impact 1 million people this year. I want you to achieve your goals faster over the next 12 weeks so that reap the benefits reserved for those few people who get the important things done and reach their goals. When you win, I win.

What are your dreams worth to you? How much are your goals worth?

It depends on your Vision... If you gain time to spend with loved ones, then it's priceless. If you shed excess fat to fend off heart attacks or diabetes, then it's invaluable. If you exceed your sales goals and earn a promotion at work it more than pays for itself. If you rid yourself of $15,000 in debt, then it's worth every penny.

Just Think...

  • The typical college student invests $21,000 annually in his or her education.
  • The typical business invests $1,202 annually in employee development.
  • The typical family invests $2,693 annually in entertainment.

But clearly, we're not asking you to invest that.

So what's it going to take to make your dreams happen and achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible?

Your success is my goal. I want this Challenge to be your breakthrough tool for exceeding financial goals, strengthening relationships, becoming healthy or more fit, and getting more out of every day.

Let's review. You say Yes to yourself and the Challenge and receive:

  • An Orientation Guide
  • The 12 Week Year™ High Performance Action Plan
  • Daily Videos
  • Periodic Coaching Calls
  • Member Website
  • Suite of Online Tools
  • Goal Tracker
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Access to the exclusive 12 Week Year™ Community

AND... That's Not All!

If you upgrade to Platinum, in addition to all of those items you will ALSO receive these BONUSES:

  • Exclusive VIP Webinar with the Authors
  • A Signed Copy of The 12 Week Year
  • Subscription to Brian's Weekly Success Tips
  • Bonus Lesson: Performance Time
  • Special Report: The 7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Perform at Your Best
  • Your Personal Leadership Pack (This alone is worth the price of the entire system)

Separately, these success tools would be valued at just over $2,150.00.

But you get the entire 12 Week Year™ Challenge Platinum Package for an investment of $297.00 or the Standard Package for just $147.00.

Are better health, more money, improved relationships, and time to spend as you choose worth it? What is making your dreams into realities faster worth? Only you can decide...

Join The 12 Week Year™ Challenge Community of high performers who are living the dream - making their goals happen each day - whether fitting back into that bikini, improving their time in the mile, or going back to school to finish their degree or take that cooking class.

Are You Ready to Rev Up the Excitement in Your Life?

Maybe last year saw some goals go unrealized and heard some of the same old excuses.

That ends TODAY. Today is the start of a future of excellence and even greater accomplishments than you could ever have imagined. Just say Yes to yourself and take the Challenge. While you're at it, do someone a favor - tell a Friend!

Be Encouraged,

Brian Moran

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